About The Owner

Kimberly Morris Allen, CEO

The Morris Allen Agency, LLC

State Farm Insurance Agency, Publix, Badcock Furniture, Morgan & Morgan Attorneys, McIntosh Realty, and Get Air Trampoline Parks. 


Mrs. Allen has a unique passion for marketing and loves sharing her talent, skill, and knowledge with other businesses that are seeking to grow and reach new heights. Kimberly thrives on discovering the specific needs of her clients and providing them with custom solutions that is based on industry, market, geographic, demographic, and interest-based research.


The Morris Allen Agency offers the following services: Strategic Marketing Planning, Media Buying, & Social Media Management.

Kimberly Morris Allen is a millennial entrepreneur, who is the Owner, Founder, & CEO of The Morris Allen Agency, LLC located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Kimberly has an extensive background in the marketing and advertising industry; ranging from radio, newspaper, magazine, digital, and television advertising. Kimberly holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, which she earned from Savannah State University and holds a certification in Google AdWords.


Her foundation of marketing experience and expertise, which she has built, ranges from being employed with and working alongside the Straightway Radio Group, Youngstown Radio Group, The Morris Publishing Company, Local Edge Digital, Lin Digital/HYPN Digital, to working at an NBC Universal Network affiliate television station with the Nexstar Broadcasting Group.


Kimberly has a plethora of knowledge and experience with regards to marketing and advertising. She has created competitive and effective advertising campaigns for many industries, including but not limited to; real estate, medical, senior care, retail, and insurance. Over the years, she has created and managed many successful advertising campaigns for well known businesses such as, The Oaks Senior Care, Five Star Senior Living, 

Kimberly's Advertising Portfolio

Commercials Written & Directed By Kimberly: